leonardo-marques 2

Interview with Leonardo Marques, Songwriter/Performer

I had the personal pleasure of touring with Udora years ago, and Leonardo was one of the most humble, down to earth, amazing musicians I’d ever met.  He was incredibly creative and played guitar immensely well.  He is now with a band called Transmissor and they tour Brazil regularly and are very popular.  They make… Read more »


Interview with Jules Collarille

There’s a reason so many music professionals declare the same prediction – a star on the rise – for 14 year old Jules Collarile. Her strong vocal delivery – brazen in one breath and hauntingly stark in the next – combined with her incredible songwriting talent make Jules a powerful, charismatic artist who is set… Read more »


Interview with Brendan McCreary, Singer/Songwriter

  We had the privilege of interviewing Brendan about his methods of songwriting, his influences, and his experiences in the music industry.  Here is that interview. BTS:  What was the reason you started writing songs? Brendan:  I started writing songs because nobody told me to start writing songs. When you’re a kid everyone is telling… Read more »


Interview with Marshalee, Singer/Songwriter

We had the honor of interviewing Marshalee about her songwriting methods and experience in the music industry and here is that interview. BTS: What was the reason you started writing songs? Marshalee: I was a quiet child and teen and felt very intimidated by my surroundings so I felt more comfortable writing than speaking my… Read more »


Mumford & Sons Bonaroo Concert Review by Writer, Andie Rooney

Bonnaroo in itself is an astounding experience: the music, the atmosphere, and the positive community make this festival one of a kind. The genre variety in the Bonnaroo set list ranged from EDM artists such as Deadmau5, to indie rock bands such as Florence and the Machine, to music legends such as Billy Joel. But… Read more »

Jeff Michaels 2

Interview with Jeff Michaels, Singer/Songwriter

Whether his music is being played during some of television’s most popular reality shows or inspiring people in the aftermath of Boston’s worst terrorist attack, singer-songwriter and pianist Jeff Michaels has been entertaining fans with thought-provoking lyrics examining today’s biggest social and political issues while infusing them with his unique brand of humor. BTS:  What… Read more »

AlKrause (1)

Interview with Al Krause, Singer/Songwriter

We had the honor of interviewing Al Krause about his methods and habits of songwriting.  Here is that interview. BTS:  What was the reason you started writing songs? Al:  To express some inner feelings after a few traumatic life cycle events. BTS:  What was the name and subject of your first song? Al:  That was… Read more »


Interview with Jef Joslin, Singer/Songwriter

Most people would be satisfied with a full scholarship to play quarterback at a Division 1 University, but for Jef Joslin, this road seemed more like a detour than an open highway. Growing up in the Appalachian mountains of Johnson City, TN, football looked like the most natural choice for those who knew Joslin. But… Read more »

Thiago 1

Interview with Thiago Correa, Singer/Songwriter

Thiago Correa has been playing and writing music his whole life.  He pursued his passion by joining Diesel (A.K.A. Udora) in 1997.  After success in Brazil, Diesel went to the United States to pursue the American market and changed its name to Udora.  After successfully touring in America to record crowds, there was a dissolution… Read more »


Interview with Casey Buckley, Singer/Songwriter

  To say Casey Buckley grew up fast would be an understatement. Graduating university at age 20, he faced what seemed to be an impossible pursuit: to fully develop as an artist amidst the harsh reality of student loans in an uncertain economy.  Not one to be deterred by a challenge, Casey forged ahead on… Read more »