There’s a reason so many music professionals declare the same prediction – a star on the rise – for 14 year old Jules Collarile. Her strong vocal delivery – brazen in one breath and hauntingly stark in the next – combined with her incredible songwriting talent make Jules a powerful, charismatic artist who is set to take the music scene by storm.
Playing guitar and singing since the age of six, singer/songwriter Jules possesses a confidence and musical skill rarely seen in someone her age. She is entirely in her element when performing on stage – at once commanding and playful, yet also capable of an emotional delivery that captivates her audiences and displays the raw emotions of young woman navigating her path in life.
1. What was the reason you started writing songs?
I started writing songs as a way to connect with people and bring my own experiences
to life and share them with others.  I got bored of playing twinkle twinkle on the
guitar, I needed more to keep me going!

2. What was the first song you ever wrote about?
The first song I ever wrote was about a young girl who wanted to escape the
realities of everyday life and become a super girl hero.  It shows you that nothing
is impossible.  Girls can be badass yet have a subtle girly side.  This song is on
my debut EP Heart of Armor.

3. What is your most current song written about?
My current song that I am working on is called "Where You Go”.  The cool thing about
this song is that It can be interpreted in so many ways depending on who is
listening to the song.  It is about after life.  I lost a good friend of mine too
early in life, and I think of him all the time.    

4. Where do you derive inspiration from?
My friends, family and fans.  I take the time to see what is happening around me. 
Life as a teen is a rollercoaster,  us girls need to stay together and rock it.  My
inspiration comes from what I believe in and my personal morals, values, and what I
hope to see in my future.   

5. Who were your musical influences in the beginning of your songwriting?
My dad is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, so I listened to a lot of his music.  Avril
Lavigne, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Hedley and the list goes on.  

6. Who are your musical influences now?
I love the power of P!nk's music.  She is real, raw, and full of emotions.  Her
music has a connection to life. She inspires me to be who I am.  P!nk never writes a
song that she doesn’t personally have a connection too.  There is a tough side and a
soft side.  She doesn’t care what others think.     

7. Do you have a method of writing, place, vibe, setting, instrument you
prefer to write on? And why?
I usually write in the evenings after I think of my day, and what is was or could
have been.  I like to write alone in my music room with my guitar, or piano. The
lights are dim not too bright. I usually start with a chorus then a bridge.  I find
this method easier.  But the more I write with others, the more I have learned
different techniques that help contribute to a killer song.  I always wear my lucky
feather ring and my green bracelet that I never take off.  It keeps me grounded.  

8. What are the elements you think contribute to the making of a great song?
A song has to have a good hook and a great melody.  It needs to build as the song
progresses.  The words need to capture your message.  

9. How do you push past writer’s block?
Everyone suffers from writer's block. It's natural when you write music.  I try not
to get too frustrated.  Most times I will speak to my closest friends and see what
they have to say about life in that moment, with the hopes it will spark an idea
that I connect to.  Sometimes I will watch repeats of my fav shows to get inspired. 
 If that doesn’t work, I just leave things as is and stop writing for a bit.   

10. What would be your advice to a beginner songwriter trying to make their way and
trying to express themselves musically?
Well, think about who your audience is going to be.  Keep it real and make sure it
comes from within.  Songwriting doesn’t always have to be about your personal
experiences, it can be about something that you want in life that seems impossible
but attainable.  Don’t give up and make sure that you rock your inner beauty

Written by stevenkristopher

I have been a professional singer/songwriter/performer for 20 years. I've released albums in bands and 7 of my own studio albums. But this blog isn't about me, its about songwriting.

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