Mumford Helms

Bonnaroo in itself is an astounding experience: the music, the atmosphere, and the positive community make this festival one of a kind. The genre variety in the Bonnaroo set list ranged from EDM artists such as Deadmau5, to indie rock bands such as Florence and the Machine, to music legends such as Billy Joel. But one act among the rest especially stood out: Mumford & Sons. The way these four musicians collaborated together was something that inspired something in every witness. The passion behind every lyric, every note, and every song played was something rare to be a part of. Marcus Mumford’s voice is more of an instrument that works in perfect harmony with the other sounds being created. Ben Lovett, keyboard player, especially stood out to me. His enthusiasm and intensity in each song did not go unnoticed. His energy was contagious and was a huge part of the overall vibes of the crowd. Also, Winston Marshall’s ability to alternate between so many different instruments was not only entertaining, but also an honor to witness such talent. If Mumford’s performance wasn’t enough, they wanted to go even further and bring out comedian and musician, Ed Helms. The overall response from the crowd was mostly, “isn’t that the guy from The Hangover”? Come to find out, he actually knows how to play the banjo, and assisted the band in performing Awake my Soul. The comic relief between heavily emotional and powerful songs made sure to keep everyone’s attention. Marcus Mumford fired shots at each band member, and especially Ed Helms, which united the crowd even closer. The dedication and commitment to each song was truly inspirational. Looking around at the crowd, you could not only see people’s smiles, or even tears, but feel the profound energy amongst the whole crowd. Below my Feet and Lover of the Light were two of the most intimate and sentimental songs on their twenty songs set list. They moved the crowd in ways that surprised most people, and ensured a pleased audience. To end the show, they brought out members of The War on Drugs, My Morning Jacket, Dawes, Hozier, and Ed Helms to sing a classic Beatles cover of, With a Little Help from My Friends. The amount of talent and favorite familiar faces had every member of the crowd on their feet and screaming for this amazing collaboration. It was full of passion and demonstrated the power of music’s capabilities to bring people together. With minds blown and hearts fully energized, the crowd walked away in awe. The amount of bliss and good vibes circulating through the What Stage on Saturday, June 13th at Bonnaroo Music Festival was something indescribable and unforgettable.

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